About Us

Daniel, a Tyler native, founded East Texas Construction in 2008 as a side venture from his full-time job working in commercial construction and steel building erection. In 2012, East Texas Construction became a full-time remodeling company all while erecting Steel Buildings & Barndominium shells too. East Texas Construction quickly grew and in 2018 he gave his wife, Liz, the ultimatum, just kidding! East Texas Construction needed her as a full-time partner & designer. Liz worked for Dr. Sherri Reuland for over 13 years as a financial coordinator and leaving her "work home" was not easy. However, this was the best decision for The Arellano's.

Liz, was born and raised in Tyler, TX too. In her teenage years, you would find her helping her dad design kitchens and bathrooms for his remodeling company. Designing was in her genes so working along with her husband, Daniel, was a dream come true. In early 2019, Daniel erected a "monitor" style shop for a customer. Little did he know that Liz would design her dream Barndominium Home within days of this... yup, as a "monitor" style! Daniel had always dreamed of his luxury brick & stone home BUT you know the saying... "Happy wife, happy life!" In August of 2019, The Arellano's broke ground in Whitehouse, TX. In March 2020, the family of 5 made Whitehouse, TX their home.

In 2021, The Arellano's saw the need of a specialized Barndominium Company in East Texas. With this East Texas Construction needed a fresh name and this is when ETC Construction & Steel Buildings AKA ETC Barndominiums & Steel Buildings was founded. Barndominiums & Design is Liz's passion; Erecting & Welding is Daniel's. This duo are two peas in a pod so working as a team is natural.