Design a Hybrid Barndominium Home To Live In

You'll love working with our team on your custom home in Tyler & Whitehouse, TX

ETC has been remodeling, building homes and barndominiums since 2008. Over the years we have only perfected what we believe to be a "forever" barndominium.

How is a Hybrid Barndominium Frame different than a Barndominium Shell?

A Hybrid Barndominium is framed with 2x4 or 2x6 wood "exterior walls" in between steel posts. We install osb sheathing on all "exterior walls" as well as a Moisture Barrier Wrap PRIOR to installing the 26g R-panel.


  • You don't lose square footage around the perimeter of the home (A Standard Barndominium Shell loses between 8"-12" around the perimeter)
  • Standard depth window seals & no need for "special order" door jamb extensions
  • Spray-foam is sprayed on your osb sheathing and NOT on your metal wall sheeting
  • Worry free replacement of a damaged wall metal sheet
  • OSB sheathing is a dense material. This means you have a stronger outer eggshell.

A Hybrid Barndominium from ETC will be a move-in ready home.

What is the process?


We always tell our customers not to purchase plans or have drawings made until you have a rough idea of what the cost to build will be. Therefore, we encourage our customers to find a layout with overall dimensions and ideal square footage. The layout may not be perfect and that is ok. We also have customers that draw on graph paper a rectangle or square with dimensions for the living, porches and garage/shop/carport areas. We can work with this tooJ However, if you have already purchased your plans this just makes it easier to give you a more precise quote.

Preliminary Quote/Initial Consultation

Within 4 weeks we will send you a preliminary quote. Once you review it, you can then call us to set up an Initial Consultation. We can then answer any questions you may have as well as make any adjustments on your quote at your request. Depending on the schedule you may even tour our very own Whitehouse Barndo. We will then set up a site evaluation appointment.

Site Evaluation:

This is where it gets real!! We will meet at your site. In most cases we try to bring our land guy. We will evaluate the build site and get an idea of site prep costs that will need to be added to your final estimate.


Once you receive the dirt work cost and you see the final estimate you can proceed with purchasing your plans or having your drawings made into official plans.


We will provide you with an itemized fixed-price total to build your home and formal contract. If you are financing, we will work with your lender to complete your interim construction loan closing.

Construction Time:

With ETC you can count on us keeping you informed throughout the construction process. There is NO middle man! Daniel will begin ordering all construction materials immediately. Liz will also begin providing samples of all the interior finishes and in most cases ordering too. ETC has a storage warehouse, don't worry. On average most builds take 6-8 months but in some cases due to material delays it could take up to 12 months.


ETC will use subcontractors to finish out your home. Daniel and the ETC team will erect and frame your barndominium home. We have been using the same subs for over a decade and this means that we don't look for "cheaper" options. However, this means that we will be patient and wait for "our" subs to do the job. You can trust that we treat every Barndominium Home build as if it was our very own home. This is why your "builder" is your erector and framer! Daniel was raised in a family of framers. That's right! As a young boy you would find him helping his dad and uncles frame homes in Tyler and surrounding areas. He learned to frame homes before he ever learned to erect steel buildings. Erecting/Welding is his passion but framing runs in his genes

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